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Coach Nick Pugh


Coach Nick leads our Muay Thai & Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) programs. Nick has 18 years of MMA experience and holds a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Nick is a certified massage therapist, yoga instructor, and personal trainer.


As a Professional MMA Fighter, Nick was a 2x GECF featherweight champion. Prior to going Professional, Nick was the amateur TFC 4 man Tournament Champion. Additionally, he was a Toledo Golden Gloves Runner-up (Boxing). Nick is also an active BJJ competitor.

As a Coach, Nick has coached numerous Amateur & Professional Fighters. Nick also served our Country as a United States Marine.

Muay Thai, Boxing & MMA Coaches:

- Manolo Hernandez (San Diego Combat Academy)

- Dan Severn (UFC Hall of Fame)

- Alexander Palma (Blue Ocean Muay Thai)

- Carl Gebhardt (Steel Muay Thai)

- Tiger Smalls ( 7x world Champ & Cali Hall of Fame)

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