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Judo is a martial art that was derived from the Japanese jujitsu of feudal Japan. A Japanese educator named Jigoro Kano, who studied jujitsu, streamlined the techniques and organized them to be taught systematically.

Judo has two main components; standing techniques and ground techniques. In Judo, participants start standing and have the goal of throwing their opponant to the ground. Once on the ground, the goal is to subdue your opponent with a pin, strangle, or arm lock.

Judo is an Olympic sport, and along with soccer, is the most practiced sport in the world. Judo brings with it a wide array of benefits other than sport & self-defense. Those being:

  •   self confidence

  •   physical fitness

  •   improved balance / coordination

  •   discipline and work ethic

At the Legacy Martial Arts Academy we adhere to the guidelines of USA Judo, and subsequently, the International Judo Federation (IJF).

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